About Us

Paradise Farm is located in a pristine rainforest area, with lush green vegetation in a beautiful landscape overlooking mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls. The pristine nature has inspired us to create an exceptional concept in eco-tourism with Ayurveda and other health products, including adventure experiences for rejuvenation of body and spirit.

The farm is a social responsible company established in 1998. It has transformed 80 acres conventional monoculture coconut and rubber plantation into a multi-purpose operation with bio diversity and value added products.

The farm has preserved patches of rainforest within its borders and replanted additional areas with MAHOGANI and other rainforest plants contributing to mitigation of green house gases.A new project to preserve wild ORCHIDS and to develop a natural orchid forest garden was launched in 2009.

Paradise Eco Garden offers a scenic mountain view,jungle area,natural water fall and tea estates on 80 acres of land in fascinating Kithulgala, Sri Lanka. Our Eco Garden offers private villa with pool and rooms with mountain view and jungle view situated in Kithulgala, most famous white water rafting place in Sri Lanka. 

Our Eco Garden is inspiring, fascinating and a real breath of fresh air. Hidden deep within rolling hills of rain-forest, waterfalls, tea and rubber plantations of fertile Kithulgala, the only sounds you’ll hear are bird song, animal calls and the rustle of leaves.